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Author: Simon M. Medina

Teaching Biblical Interpretation In India

I traveled to the city of Jangaon in India this summer. It’s in the new state of Telangana, about 50 miles from Hyderabad (population about 7 million). I went with an organization called Evangelizing India for Christ, started by former CIU professor Dr. Richard Belcher. A CIU alumnus, Tom Keller, was making his seventh trip to India went with me. Our task was mainly to train about 90 pastors. I taught biblical interpretation over four days. I began by discussing the importance of interpreting Scripture and explaining the process. Then I provided some general principles for interpretation (like paying...

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New Spiritual Climate In Sweden

Most of us know or at least heard that Sweden is one of the coldest countries in the world. Or at least when we thing of Sweden we think of snow and winter. They are a developed society with a big tendency for social awareness. But the people in Sweden are starting to get a little bit hungry for spiritual guiding. They have seen and heard a lot of preaching on how to behave and how to be good and how to be aware of the less fortunate ones. But they need something new. They are all there, and...

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Everything You Need To Know About Traveling

When we usually want to travel, we will choose the destination that is interesting for us. A lot of sites could help us with those destinations, but the choice is ours. You should choose the destination that will bring joy and new things that you probably don’t know they even exist. When traveling you will learn some new cultures, customs, religions and beliefs and philosophies this is a normal thing and if you like learning about these things, then, traveling is a thing for you. You just need to choose the method of traveling, and you are good to...

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